Unique, Energetic, Eclectic, Worldly, those are only a few of the words used to describe design expert Jorge Rubio . Sought after from every corner of the globe, Rubio has made a distinct place for himself amongst the landscape of architectural design and the art which motivates the senses in a home or physical environment. As owner of Terra Noble, a breathtaking environment atop a hill in Puerto Vallata, Mexico, Rubio’s designs encompasses harmony with nature, spiritual healing and vibrant combinations of color and shapes.

Originally from Mexico City, Jorge Rubio found his calling at a very early age. Gathering post cards from faraway places, Rubio dreamt of taking the cultures and colors of such places and putting them into his own designs and expressions. His family was an artistic one with a mother who loved to paint and a father in the hotel business. Even as a young child Rubio enjoyed shopping for designer furniture and décor with his father for the hotel lobbies in the many locations he managed. With part of his childhood spent in Mexico City, he later moved with his family to the sub-tropical climate of Cuernavaca Morelos, outside of Mexico City. It was here that he had the opportunity to assist his father` real estate business with regular maintenance of incredible homes and became friend with the manager of the late Barbara Hutton’s home located there and learned the secrets of caring for a Full of Japanese style interiors, Rubio was entranced at the use of color, shapes and history.

As Jorge Rubio grew so did his need to learn more about the world. He moved to Guadalajara in the late 70`s and then spent two years in New York City where his interest in interior design and architectural attributes only deepened. He found the restrictions of living in small spaces interesting yet confining and moved back to Mexico City shortly thereafter. It was here that he won a Lloyd’s of London design contest and that was the beginning of Jorge Rubio Designs.

In 1985, Rubio moved to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico which he has called home for the past 26 years. Puerto Vallarta, with its backdrop of beautiful beaches and art and design awakened Rubio’s senses with pallets of color and personality that have translated into his award winning projects featured in global media. (Architectural Digest 1996, & 2000 top 100 homes around the world, people and arts, extreme homes to mention some.) He has a unique ability to understand what architects and builders do and where his coordination of design, style, staging and color add the final touches to a true masterpiece of a home, room or location.

Jorge Rubio has traveled throughout the world seeking information and inspiration, the true treasure of any designer. He has spent time in India, Nepal, Turkey and Tibet in search of his own spiritual growth and at the same time meeting people whom he calls lifelong friends and mentors. He has traveled through more than 55 countries on countless trips to explore cultural artisans, fabrics, colors and environments which translate to his own personal design style and creations. Jorge’s life took an adventurous and exciting turn in 1996 when a Saudi Prince visited Puerto Vallarta and stayed in one of the many homes Jorge Rubio designed.

It was then that the Prince was so taken by the environment that he invited Rubio to come to Saudi Arabia and build a Mexican Resort Palace. Jorge took Mexican laborers of all kinds with him to Saudi Arabia to insure that the cultural definition of Mexico was truly translated into the design of the resort and leaving a breathtaking place full of comfort and creativity. Beyond the resort experience, it was here that Rubio was asked to create a wedding atmosphere for a beautiful Saudi Princess. Forced to quickly learn the many complexities of a Royal Wedding, Rubio went on to plan four more where he learned interesting facts about women in the Arab world. From here he went on to design palaces in far, remote places like Qatar and Oman.

He has had the fortune of having Oscar winning creative director and world renowned mural artist NEED NAME OF THE MURALIST HERE to work with him on his projects. Amidst Jorge Rubio’s mentors are John and Geri Cuzensa, better known as the founders of the famous Sebastian Hair Products. (They have groomed him for years in the concepts of high design homes, accessories and the latest in life styles while he lived closely with them during the construction and remodeling of their own homes. ) He has traveled on yachts across Capri, the Mediterranean, the Aegean Sea, Greece, Italy and France understanding the capricious minds of the yatch owners: e.g.: décor, table settings, staging , lighting. He recently completed a contemporary Retro 60’s inspired home on the Island of Antigua in the Caribbean sea featuring new laser acid designs on stones and marble. He also continues to build and design some of Puerto Vallarta’s most desirable homes, resorts and locations. He has become famous for his unique staging process and real estate developers and sales associates have started to search him out to complete the sale.

Jorge Rubio’s love of travel, cooking and meditating all play a vivacious role in his success as a designer. Not one to sit still for very long, he continues to seek out knowledge, people and places that will give him ideas to bring back to his home, his mountaintop retreat called Terra Noble, and his work. His belief in always incorporating nature in the client’s environment and his use of clean contemporary construction has made him a very successful and popular leader in the world of design.

If you asked Jorge Rubio what elements he finds important in every design he would answer with “great light, art, nature, ethnicity, and a mix that brings the personality of the owner to life in design.” He would also be quick to end with “Life is a journey and I am living it.” Jorge Rubio is based out of Puerto Vallarta.


Jorge Rubio