Choosing your website designer, or do it yourself.

If you are looking to start a business, re brand a current business or even just get up to speed with the times then you should be considering building a website.  How and where to start.  This article will show you the best ways to go about getting your company online in this technology focused era.  We have a many options when looking into web design.  Pay a professional, learn word press, or use sites like go daddy, square space, wix or weebly.  These sites have page builders that help even the beginner accomplish some pretty big designs.

Lets start by talking about professional web design.  There are many companies and freelancers out there to choose from.  When looking for a web designer you must focus on finding someone well versed in coding.  Most Web Designers use Word Press.  This is the best program to use do to its many plug ins available.  You can fully optimize your website for search engine optimization with plug ins like Yoast, build completely custom interfaces for your call to action buttons, and even build template pages and customs themes with themeify.  Most large companies will go this route due to the high quality of the site builds.  Whats this cost?  Well for a custom built site that has an average of 5 pages you could be looking around 2,000.00 bucks.  Ten to twenty pages?  You’re looking at closer to 15,000.00 USD.  Thinking of building an e Commerce site to sell online goods?  You are looking at upwords of 20,000.00.  Luckily if you are looking for e commerce and not a large company yet there are other options.

So let’s say you want to build a site yourself but you are not looking to learn any coding and dive head first into word press.   Simply because you do not have enough time. Let’s look at the other options.

Square space Weebly, Wix all have a great user friendly platform that lets you choose a template then simply replace the text and photos that are already in place.  You can also do quite a bit of SEO work on the site itself by simply scrolling through the SEO options tab.  Here you can change the Meta tags, Heading titles, Page titles etc… This will let big search engines better recognize what you are selling and your demographic you are trying to reach.  The price for this service is not too shabby either.  You are looking at 20-40 bucks a month.  This also comes with your hosted fees and your domain name.

Another option is Go Daddy.  We have all seen the commercials for this company.  They even have a NASCAR team with a car driven by the famous Danica Patrick.  This platform has been a very simple building suite that had many basic needs but nothing too fancy.  While it does have some SEO options like changing the meta tags and headers it does not have much advanced options.  However if you are looking for something cheap and easy to get yourself online this would be the way to go.  Plans starting at just 10 bucks a month.  We talked to a small business owner from VIP Transportation and asked them how they got their business integrated into the online world.  They told us they used Go Daddy.  They simply didn’t need any bells and whistles.  They use their site as an informational site that gives their contact info out to future clients.  “It has worked well for us, I don’t see a reason to pay more money for something that is currently working”.  So there you have it.  Find out what you need and get to work.

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